Krautkramer Featured in National Driller Magazine

Mike KrautkramerRobinson Noble’s own, Mike Krautkramer, is featured in the July 2015 edition of National Driller magazine. In an article titled Designing a Dialogue, Water Well Construction Starts with Customer Communication, author Valerie King interviewed Mike about how to properly design and construct a water well for a client. MIke describes how to produce the best well for a client. To do so, he states that the driller (and presumably the consultant as well) needs to have a good idea of why the well is required – such as what is the intended use of the water, how much water is actually needed, what are the other uses of the property, etc. Based on the answers, a driller can do a better job planning and constructing the right well for their client. Read the full article on the National Driller website.

3 thoughts on “Krautkramer Featured in National Driller Magazine

  1. Good job! I might have added and/or further emphasized the following points: (1) The dynamic and unknown fluctuations of the water level (especially in periods of drought) and the associated changing available drawdown favors “bottoming out the aquifer” and drilling deeper – it makes me wonder whether all these domestic “dry wells” (for further discussion on this term see my upcoming GRA HydroVisions article) in the Central Valley of CA occurred because the domestic wells were not drilled deep enough (very short-sighted) especially those wells that did not “bottom out the aquifer”; (2) Water is heavy (one gallon of water is equal to 8.33 lbs) – pumping from deeper depths because the well is inefficient is a waste of energy, costs money, and unacceptable; (3) Re: Quantity of water – I might have pointed out that “All you can get” from a client is not a correct answer; and (4) too small a yield from a well required for a certain use can require pumping 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (not a good thing) – the pumping water level just continues to deepen which results in higher energy usage and pumping costs. David

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