RN Parking Goes Up in Flames

160418_RN_2488One of the “joys” of having an office in downtown Tacoma is parking. Street parking is at a premium around our Tacoma office, but luckily our landlord provides parking for us in the Tacoma Steel building, or, should I say, provided. Early yesterday morning, the Tacoma Steel building was the scene of a spectacular fire, and Robinson Noble lost our parking garage. Luckily, according to news articles, no one was seriously hurt in the fire, though three firefighters received minor injuries. The photo above was the entrance to our parking garage. Other photos, below,  show more of the damage

The fire caused a power outage to the local area, including Robinson Noble’s office. However, power was restored by the start of business this morning. While our landlord works out the parking situation, we send out a cheer for the Holiday Inn Express (across the street from our office) for kindly allowing us to temporarily park in a gravel lot they own next to the hotel.



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