She Picked Wisconsin!

girl by Susana Fernandex from Flicker with CC licenseSee that  smile, she picked Wisconsin! Here’s the latest results following the weekend: 2015 Master Results April 4 10pm

And with that win by Wisconsin, Brian K vaults to 1st place in the standings, and the former leader Greg Guillen drops to 3rd. But out of nowhere (well, actually 25th place), Mike Krautkram finds himself in 2nd! Larry Byrd dropped from 3rd to 4th.

Mike K is also in the lead for the Robinson Noble contest. In fact, he cannot lose, having predicted Wisconsin and Duke in the finals!. Mr 3 is in 2nd (tied for 6th overall) and John H falls to 3rd (11th overall).

Photo by Susana Fernandez, provided under Creative Commons license.

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