Final results are in!

Feel like your bracket was frozen after the third round…mine sure was! Villanova sifted through the madness and emerged victorious!  Full results can be downloaded here.

The winners are:

1st place: With a total of 125 points, Carl Spackler is our big winner

2nd place: Out of nowhere Tad Deshler zoomed into second with 119 points

3rd place: Not too far behind is JasonVG with 118 points

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the winners are:

1st place: A Brief history of Brackets RIP Stephen Hawking took home the prize with 131 points

2nd place: KATwoman rose through the ranks to finish second with a whopping 126 points

3rd place: Brayden Pittsenbarger finished strong with 119 points

Thank you everybody for participating this year! It was a very fun March Madness.

One last special thanks to our sponsor:

Photo provided by Creative Commons license by Steve Baker

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