Flipping over Day One of the Tournament


basketball or waterpolo by Hamed Saber via FlickrI don’t know about you, but I’m flipping over this tournament, and all I can say after day one of the tournament is  – GO YALE!  (Not that I picked them for my bracket.)

Results after day one are attached here. The leader board has:

1 – Go Dawgs in first place with a commanding 35 points

2 – Tad Deshler in a close second place with 34 points

3 – a tie at 3rd place between Hanna Brighella and PB Libby at 33 points (but you have to feel sad for old PB since their champion is already out – OUCH!), and

5 – in 5th place, with 31 point, Blair Goodrow

In the Robinson Noble bracket, the leaders are:

1 – My Dog Picked This, with 31 points (that is one hot dog!)

2 – BGC in second with 29 points (knowing how he picks his bracket, all I’ve got to say is “are you kidding?”), and

3 – Hope Wills in third with 27 points (take that Max with your measly 25 points!)

Stay tuned, more results on Monday!

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We’d like to thank Hamed Saber for providing the photo of his wonderful photo titled Basketball or Waterpolo under a Creative Commons license.

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