Bracket in the Pig Sty?

I’m afraid your loyal results announcer’s bracket is now a play thing in the pig sty. Talk about rolling in the mud! How’s your bracket? In the muck with me? Results after the Sweet 16 games are available here and the current results after the Elite 8 games are posted here.

The current leader board:

1st place: Tad Deshler continues to hog the limelight as his Bulldogs head to their first Final Four.

2nd place: Maddogsirish49ers has no reason to wallow after rising from a 9th place tie after the Sweet 16 to grab the number 2 spot heading into next weekend.

3rd place: Lvannice is holding onto third by a point, but could be stuck in the mud after Kentucky’s last second loss on Sunday.

4th place: Ryan S. is hoping to bring home the bacon after climbing from 14th into 5th overall and seems destined to climb higher.

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place: David W may need a mud bath to cool off after another strong showing over the weekend leaves him in the top spot.

2nd place: FMK is in second and rooting for UNC to run hog wild over the Ducks on Saturday. Oink!

3rd place: Coin Flipper raided the piggy bank to get this far, but he may soon be down in the dumps now that his bracket is also busted.

4th place: With Oregon on fire and “Sizzlean,” Kari‘s position improved ten places over the weekend.

With only 4 teams left, the excitement is building. Pick yourself up out of the mud and stay tuned!

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by Rikki’s Refuge.