Dog Gone It, This is True March Madness!

Is West Virginia feeling like a Bulldog deflated their basketball? Such madness!. Up-to-date results are posted right here.

And our leader board shows:

1st place: How about that Tad Deshler! With a super solid 96 points and his Bulldogs still in the hunt, Tad is at the top of the dog pile.

2nd place: And our former number one, Bear Down Cats, has slipped to second place. But with this Cat’s champion now out, his bracket may have gone to the dogs.

3rd place (tie): Rising in the dog pile from sixth to third is Lvannice with 80 points. That dog has to be dancing. Meanwhile Evan Botkin’s Bracket is a happy dog as well, staying firmly in third, though with Evan’s champion out, his bracket may be turning into a dog’s breakfast.

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place: Hot diggity dog for David W! With 82 points good ole’ David is one hot dog. Can his champion, the Ducks, come out as top dog?

2nd place: Continuing in second place is Coin Flipper with 75 points. But is Flipper, with their champion out, destined for the bottom of the the dog pile?

3rd place (tie): Kysen must be one dancing dog, jumping all the way from 59th place overall to a tie at third with 74 points! And how about that Haley P moving up from 23rd. Two happy dogs here!

The weekend’s excitement has just begun. Tune in Monday to see whose at top dog!

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by Sheri Terris.