There can be only one… [Updated]

Basketball image[Updated 4/9/13 to reflect the Best Selector of Upsets prize winner.]

The Louisville Cardinals are the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions!

Here are the Final Basketball Tournament Contest Standings after Monday’s Final.

Thanks to everyone that participated and congratulations to all of our prize winners:

  1. Marc Marcantonio – First Place Winner ($100)
  2. Blair Goodrow – Second Place Winner ($75)
  3. Brian Kalab – Third Place Winner ($60)
  4. robin – Fourth Place Winner ($50)
  5. Ronnie Black – Best Score after Round 2 ($50)
  6. Gordon Williams – Best Score after Round 1 Tiebreaker ($50)
  7. Basketball bunny – Best Selector of Upsets ($50)
  8. Dave Laush – Fifth Place Winner ($40)
  9. StanTheMan – Thanks for Trying ($25)

Once again we’d like to thank our sponsoring partners:

3 thoughts on “There can be only one… [Updated]

  1. Hooray! It was a great night; I was at Safeco Field watching the Mariners win the home opener, and got to see Louisville win on the TV!

    Thank you Robinson Noble, and all the sponsors for running this contest! It is a lot of work to run, score, and update the results just for our fun. It is appreciated!

    • Congrats on being the big winner! I was at Safeco last night as well, Marc; funny I didn’t see you there!

      I think I can speak for all of us here at Robinson Noble, it was our pleasure to sponsor the March Madness contest. We hope that it provided some fun for our friends and clients. I look forward to doing it again next year (in fact, Marc, maybe you can give me some pointers on selecting my bracket next year!).

      • Thanks, Joe. My best pointer for selecting brackets is to avoid the emotional picks; don’t pick who you want to win, but rather who has the best chance based upon available information. And don’t ever underestimate team chemistry, particularly between team members and their coach! My father was a high school coach, and he was always winning state championships. It wasn’t because he had the best talent, it was because he put players first, making the sport all about the players and their development, which in turn caused his players to love and respect him as their coach. They would achieve greatness on behalf of their coach, because their coach made the sport all about the players rather than the coach.

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