And the Nets come down for Duke

net coming down by Eric Wong from Flicr with CC licenceAnother round of madness is over and Duke reigns as champion. And in our tournament? The champion, the master prognosticator, and all around good guy is Brian K! You can download the complete results here: 2015 Master Results Final Results

Brian K hung on to first place even though he did not have a team in the final game. The only one of all our participants to pick Duke as their champion, Howard Stansbury, shot all the way from 28th place to take 2nd! That old Howard has quite the jump shot, doesn’t he! Greg Guillen holds on to 3rd, Larry Byrd takes 4th by tiebreaker, and KathyK loses the tiebreaker to land 5th.

In the Robinson Noble bracket, Mike Krautkramer lands 1st (3rd overall, nice job Mike), Mr3 was 2nd, and John H holds on to 3rd.

A big THANK YOU to all who participated! See you again next year!

Photo by Eric Wong, provided by Creative Commons license.

And one final thank you to our sponsors:

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