Down to Two

Birds of a feather stick together – could that be why the games were so close on Saturday? But two teams flew to the top and play tonight to be king of the roost. After Saturday’s games, the results of out little contest can be found here.

The current leader board:

1st place: Maddogsirish49ers has flown to the top. With his Tarheels in the final game, he could end up being the big winner.

2nd place:  Tad Deshler got knocked into second place, but if his Bulldogs win tonight, he will be flying high.

3rd place: Ryan S. flew up to third from fourth. He will capture a little nest egg if his Bulldogs can rule the roost tonight.

4th place: Yet right on Ryan’s heels (or should I say claws) is Barry a three, and if his Tarheels win tonight, Barry can feather his next.

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place: FMK has flown up to number one, and if his champion, North Carolina, wins, FMK will be the top bird.

2nd place: Speaking of soaring high, Olivia Wills has feathered her way to second place. Unfortunately, she has also picked the Tarheels, so she might peck at FMK, but she cannot beat him.

3rd place: And Angie, now in third place, is poised to win the the rooster fight if her champion, Gonzaga, causes North Carolina lays an egg tonight.

This is it, the final game. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results to see who is the Big Bird and ends lining their bird cage with their bracket.

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by Cali.

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