Sweet 16

Basketball is back for the weekend!

With the first four games of the round of 16 behind us, we have seen two 1-seeds, Gonzaga and Virginia, as well as two 3-seeds, Texas Tech and Purdue, advance.  Purdue (3) was able to out-crazy Tennessee (2) in a high-scoring game with huge momentum shifts, more missed free throws than a youth basketball game, and overtime. And in a game that had more meaning for many of us with our Pac-12 allegiances, Oregon (12) fell in the last minutes in its bid to upset Virginia (1) last night!

Out of all 98 brackets, only 18 picked Purdue (3) and 23 picked Texas Tech (3). Only 5 of us picked all four games correctly, and all 5 are in the top 10 in the standings!  Congratulations to you if you are among those who made the right picks and had a great night last night!

In a typical year, we can still expect a 1-seed to lose this round.  Could it be North Carolina dealing with a surging Auburn (5), or will Duke, fresh out of a near-upset in the last round with UCF (final score 77-76), succumb to Virginia Tech (4)?  Even if they make it to the next round, the odds don’t get better. In the history of the tournament, all four 1-seeds have survived this weekend and made it to the semifinals only once (2008), so some 1-seed is very likely to fall before Monday.

You can check your standings by clicking here.  The remaining round of 16 games will be played today before the round of 8 is played this weekend!

1st place (tie): Paul Schlenter – ESA and Max Berde are tied with 106 points

2nd place: BC&Buds is not too far behind with 98 points

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place (tie): Eat my dust! and Son of a ZAG are rocking first place with 91 points

2nd place (tie): Bryce Powell and Rocinate are close competition with with 88 points

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