And March’s Dance Continues…

basketball kids by Larry Lamsa from FlickrSeems these young bball plays remembered the dance, but forgot the ball!

Here’s the latest results of our tournament contest: 2015 Master Results Mar 29 5pm

In the standings, Greg Guillen still has the lead. The Nottinghams, Alex and John, slid out of 2nd to 7th, replaced by BrianK, two points in back of the leader. And out of nowhere, literally, Larry Byrd has flown into 3rd place.

John H still leads the Robinson Noble pack and is 4th overall. Mr 3 has clawed into 2nd place (12th overall) and Emily Wills is 3rd (16th overall). While your humble narrator is truly humbled with a totally busted bracket, I guess there is always next year!

Photo by Larry Lamsa provided under Creative Commons license.

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