Got to Love those Zags (especially if you having them winning the whole thing like I do)

Gonzaga by Chris Yunker from Flickr with CC license - croppedl sizeIs this their year? I, your humble reporter, also known as Son of a Zag in basketball circles, certainly hope it is. What a game last night against UCLA. Onward and upward Zags!

Here’s the results after Friday’s games: 2015 Master Results Mar 27 10pm

Another day, another leader! Greg Guillen jumped all the way from 8th to 1st with an impressive 94 points. Alex Nottingham, slipped from 1st to 2nd place, but is only one point behind Mr. G. Guillen. Emily Wills and Kathy K, yesterday tied for 2nd, dropped to 5th and 12th respectively (that has got to HURT!). Meanwhile, John H is continuing his slow and steady climb and is now in sole possession of 3rd place, a mere 3 points behind Mr. G. Hanging just behind, in 4th place, is John Bickford with 90 points. John must have loved last night because he is the top player with Gonzaga as his champion. And oh, do you remember Mirafi Guy, who held 1st place for so long – he is now in 12th.

John H also holds the lead in the Robinson Noble portion of the contest, with Emily Wills desperately hanging onto 2nd place. Brady Bunch remains in 3rd (14th overall) and your humblest of reporters in 4th (slipping to 20th overall – speaking of got to hurt!).

Photo by Chris Yunker provided by Creative Commons license. This photo has been cropped and the contrast changed from the original.

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