Remember When Basketball Shorts were Short?

Houston Oilers by Jay Phagan from Flicrk with CC licenseRemember when basketball shorts were short and athletic socks were long? If you do, you must be as old as I am. What I don’t remember is football players donning those short shorts. This shot by Jay Phagan is of a charity game between the Houston Oilers football team and a group of local basketball coaches. Now, if you remember the Houston Oilers football team, you must me as old as I am…

Enough of that, here’s the latest standings: 2015 Master Results Mar 26 10pm

And in those standings, look at Alex Nottingham! Jumping all the way from 4th to 1st, while Emily Wills slides from 1st to 2nd. And what happened to KenLRation46? Formerly 2nd, poor old KenL dropped all the way to 8th (ouch!). Replacing him at 2nd place, and currently tied with Emily, is KathyK. I tell you, that girl has the moves, shooting all the way up from 7th place and now only 2 points behind the leader Alex! At this point, this is really anybody’s ballgame!

In the Robinson Noble in-house contest, Emily Wills is still holding on to first, but John H is making a run only 4 points behind (and in 6th overall). Brady Bunch slipped to 3rd and only one point behind John H (8th overall), and your humble narrator remains in 4th (15th overall) only 2 points behind the Bunch. What a race!

Photo provided with Creative Commons license.

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