Somebody’s Bracket is Doing Great!

smiling kid by Air21Express from FlickrSomebody’s pretty happy with their bracket; are you? Check out the latest standings right here: 2015 Master Results Mar 22 9 30pm

But you know who is not happy, Mirafi Guy, who is no longer in 1st place, replaced by the impeccable Emily Wills! (Enjoy the limelight Emily, I feel your reign at number one will not last since your champion is out of the tournament.) KenRation46 moved up from 3rd after Saturday’s games to 2nd after Sunday’s. Mirafi Guy has slipped to 3rd, and Alex Nottingham from 2nd to 4th. What a race!!!!

In the Robinson Noble in-house contest, Emily Wills rules all! Brady Bunch is in 2nd (8th overall) 13 pints behind the amazing Emily. John H has replaced Max Wills in 3rd place (13th overall), with Max failing to keep up the Wills name and falling to 5th (17th overall). And in 4th place in the Robinson Noble in-house contest is your humble narrator, Son of a Zag. Speaking of the Zags, did you see that game yesterday!

Photo by Air21Express provided by Creative Commons license.

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