Ouch! That Hurts!

foul to the face by Heiko Kutzschmar via FlickrAfter that wild weekend of basketball, I’m feeling like I’ve been fouled in the face! I’m sure many of the teams that didn’t make the Sweet Sixteen feel the same way (in particular, Michigan State, as well as the many who picked them as their champions – ouch, that hurts!).

I, your humble narrator, have lots of results to share with you. Because, unlike me who relaxed over the weekend, our basketball tournament head master extraordinaire, Kevin Biersner, slaved all weekend long to update results. So, not only can I offer you, loyal reader, the results with the Sweet Sixteen, I give results after Friday’s and Saturday’s fantastical finishes as well.

If you want to skip right to the up-to-the-minute results, click here: March 21st results. But, if you want to see how the tournament evolved over the weekend, check out these links as well:March 19th results and March 20th results.

Here is our current leader board:

1 – Tad Deshler had a great weekend, climbing to first place with 85 points. But can he keep it going – might be tough since his champion is no longer in the running.

2 – My Dog Picked This continued to be a super hot dog, logging in at 2nd place with 82 points (moving up from a tie at 5th place last week).

2 – also tied for 2nd is the one and only Skux Deluxe. Speaking of good weekend, that old Skux climbed all the way from 18th place last week! (You’ve got to love old Skux who was brave enough to pick my alma mater, Texas A&M, as their champion!)

4 – peter tiersma, is showing his prognostication skills by moving up from 8th place last week to 4th with 78 points,  and

5 – in 5th place, by some miracle of the gods, is BGC with 75 points – amazing!

The Robinson Noble leader board should look familiar because they are all over the overall leader board:

1 – My Dog Picked This (I told you that was one hot dog!)

2 –Skux Deluxe, and

3 – the one and only, BGC

Other interesting results from weekend include:

Maximilian flamed up the charts from 28th place last Thursday all the way to 1st place after Friday’s games, slipping to 5th place after Saturday’s games. But how the mighty have fallen, old Max is currently now in 24th place and fading fast.

Remember Go Dawgs, our leader last week? Well, our dawg fancier is hanging in there, just off the leader board, in 6th place (but in the money as the three RN employees in the top five are not eligible).

And for those of you paying close attention to the Wills family saga, Max Wills has regained his spot at the top of the family in 14th place overall, Hope Wills has fallen from the family lead last week to 2nd and 41st place overall. But watch out Hope, Emily Wills is close behind in 43rd place. And adorable Oliva Wills, well she is looking good for the “thanks for trying prize”, tied for 77th place.

Stay tuned, more results later this week!

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We’d like to thank Heiko Kutzschmar for providing the photo of his photo under a Creative Commons license.

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