Goat Get Your Bracket?

Holy Goat! What a bracket-busting weekend. Number 1 and 2 seeds going down in barnyard flames. The results after Round 1 are posted here and the results after Round 2 are posted here.

The leader board after on Monday morning has:

1st place: No goats on Bear Down Cats’ team. Leading since day one, this cat is has posted 77 points! And with their champion, Arizona, still in the hunt, this cat surely is goatless!

2nd place: Rising from 18th place last Friday to a tie for 1st on Saturday and now undisputed 2nd place is Tad Deshler. Tad is no goat either, with a solid 75 points.

3rd place: In a totally ungoat-like performance, Evan Botkin’s Bracket zoomed up from 11th place on Saturday to 3rd on Monday with 72 points.

4th place: Navistar Crazies survived the weekend to be in 4th place with 69 points. But Navi might be in trouble, their champion, Duke, goated it up and is heading back to the farm.

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place: No goats for David W., with 70 points! Good old David is dreaming of victory and hoping his champion, Oregon, has no goats on the team.

2nd place: Rising from from the barnyard in 23rd overall place on Friday, to 8th overall place on Monday, good enough for 2nd place in the RN division, is that master of probability Coin Flipper.

3rd place (tie): With his East bracket goated into oblivion, Son of a Zag, fell into a tie for 3rd place in the RN division with 65 points. Meanwhile, FMK, won a few barnyard fights to climb up to third.

The barnyard hoops aren’t done yet. Might there be more goats out there in your bracket? Stay tuned!!!

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by Rikki’s Refuge.

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