Up to the Minute Results 3/20/15 4:32 pm

For those of you that cannot wait until tomorrow morning for today’s games to be finished, here’s an up-to-the-minute update of the standings:2015 Master Results Mar 20 4 32pm

In the overall standings, Mirafi Guy still has a commanding lead, with Other Cats and Adam G still tied for second. Poor Gail Langseth, who had been tied for 2nd, has dropped to 9th.

In the Robinson Noble in-house standings, BGC has fallen from 1st to 3rd (14th to 18th in the overall standings) and Emily Wills in now in 1st (12th overall). Unfortunately for Emily, she will not stay on top long – she is the only participant whose champion has already been knocked out. Sorry Emily!

More results tomorrow morning!

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