This Madness has Dogs Dancing

What a first day! This tournament has the dogs dancing with basketballs. You can download the full results here.

The leader board after one day is:

1st place: Bear Down Cats. This cat doesn’t care about dancing dogs and is leading the pack with 28 points.

2nd place (tie): There a log jam for 2nd place with five all tied with 27 points. These lucky dogs are: Navistar Crazies, Tyler Clary, Julie P., R Romans, and M Miller

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place (tie): Hoping that this is the year of the Zags, Son of a Zag  is tied with Little Mike with the not so little score of 27 points

2nd place (tie): on the heels of the top dogs is David W. and TheSwagLord with 26 points

Stay tuned! We’ll see if these dogs are still dancing come Monday or if some other cool cats take the lead!

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by Sheri Terris.

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