And it’s Down to Four

bball shadows by Jeff Turner via FlickrAnother amazing weekend of basketball, and now it is down to four teams. Here are the latest results from the Robinson Noble tournament, as well as the results after Friday’s games and Saturday’s games.

Here is our current leader board:

1 – My Dog Picked This has a commanding lead with 119 points, a full 13 points above second place. It appears this hot dog is the real deal. Things are looking very good for this dog, My Dog Picked This is the only person on the leader board with a champion still in the game.

2 – Tad Deshler has fallen into a tie for 2nd place.  But with his champion out of the running, how long can Tad hold on?

2 – and hanging in there, still tied for 2nd is our old friend Skux Deluxe. But like Tad, Skux’s champion fell over the weekend.

2 – and also tied for 2nd place is the Ewali, climbing up from 9th place on Friday morning. Ewali had a great weekend, climbing steadily upward from 9th to 7th to 6th to 2nd. With Ewali’s champion also out, can Ewali make the final leap?

5 – and speaking of interesting weekend’s, Baller Bill went from 7th to 11th to 3rd and ended the weekend tied for 5th – maybe he should be called the Bouncing Baller Bill!

5 – and finally, tied for 5th is our very own bracket master Kevin Biersner

The Robinson Noble leader board should look familiar because they are all over the overall leader board:

1 – My Dog Picked This 

2 –Skux Deluxe, and

3 – Kevin Biersner


Stay tuned, for the Final Four!

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We’d like to thank Jeff Turner for providing the photo of his photo under a Creative Commons license.

Flipping over Day One of the Tournament


basketball or waterpolo by Hamed Saber via FlickrI don’t know about you, but I’m flipping over this tournament, and all I can say after day one of the tournament is  – GO YALE!  (Not that I picked them for my bracket.)

Results after day one are attached here. The leader board has:

1 – Go Dawgs in first place with a commanding 35 points

2 – Tad Deshler in a close second place with 34 points

3 – a tie at 3rd place between Hanna Brighella and PB Libby at 33 points (but you have to feel sad for old PB since their champion is already out – OUCH!), and

5 – in 5th place, with 31 point, Blair Goodrow

In the Robinson Noble bracket, the leaders are:

1 – My Dog Picked This, with 31 points (that is one hot dog!)

2 – BGC in second with 29 points (knowing how he picks his bracket, all I’ve got to say is “are you kidding?”), and

3 – Hope Wills in third with 27 points (take that Max with your measly 25 points!)

Stay tuned, more results on Monday!

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We’d like to thank Hamed Saber for providing the photo of his wonderful photo titled Basketball or Waterpolo under a Creative Commons license.

Climate Change and Geologists’ Favorite Beverage

Ibeer_photo_Flickr by Los Paseost’s a well known fact that geologists love beer. I know from personal experience at Robinson Noble that this is true. Most (all?) geologists would also say that climate change is a fact as well. So exactly how do climate change and geologists’ favorite beverage intersect? To find out read this NOAA blog post about climate and beer:

When reading the post, be sure to admire the photo NOAA used of the Yakima Canyon shot by friend and fellow hydrogeologist, Tom Ring.

Beer photo courtesy of Flickr member Los Paseos via a creative commons license

Thanks to Holt Services!

150927_alaska_5078This post is a bit late, but Robinson Noble would like to thank Holt Services for an excellent fishing trip!

Last month, Holt Services hosted a fishing trip to Ketchikan, Alaska for a number of clients, including Kari Thomas  (shown above with a salmon she landed) and Joe Becker from Robinson Noble. In total, the group of 18 on the trip caught 145 salmon – mostly silvers (coho). And each attendee brought home a freezer shelf full (45 pounds) of salmon fillets.

Thank you Randy Holt, and all the gang at Holt Services. We had a great time. Robinson Noble looks forward to another great year of working together on solving our joint client’s environmental, water-resources, and geotechincal problems in 2016.


Krautkramer Featured in National Driller Magazine

Mike KrautkramerRobinson Noble’s own, Mike Krautkramer, is featured in the July 2015 edition of National Driller magazine. In an article titled Designing a Dialogue, Water Well Construction Starts with Customer Communication, author Valerie King interviewed Mike about how to properly design and construct a water well for a client. MIke describes how to produce the best well for a client. To do so, he states that the driller (and presumably the consultant as well) needs to have a good idea of why the well is required – such as what is the intended use of the water, how much water is actually needed, what are the other uses of the property, etc. Based on the answers, a driller can do a better job planning and constructing the right well for their client. Read the full article on the National Driller website.

She Picked Wisconsin!

girl by Susana Fernandex from Flicker with CC licenseSee that  smile, she picked Wisconsin! Here’s the latest results following the weekend: 2015 Master Results April 4 10pm

And with that win by Wisconsin, Brian K vaults to 1st place in the standings, and the former leader Greg Guillen drops to 3rd. But out of nowhere (well, actually 25th place), Mike Krautkram finds himself in 2nd! Larry Byrd dropped from 3rd to 4th.

Mike K is also in the lead for the Robinson Noble contest. In fact, he cannot lose, having predicted Wisconsin and Duke in the finals!. Mr 3 is in 2nd (tied for 6th overall) and John H falls to 3rd (11th overall).

Photo by Susana Fernandez, provided under Creative Commons license.

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