RN Parking Goes Up in Flames

160418_RN_2488One of the “joys” of having an office in downtown Tacoma is parking. Street parking is at a premium around our Tacoma office, but luckily our landlord provides parking for us in the Tacoma Steel building, or, should I say, provided. Early yesterday morning, the Tacoma Steel building was the scene of a spectacular fire, and Robinson Noble lost our parking garage. Luckily, according to news articles, no one was seriously hurt in the fire, though three firefighters received minor injuries. The photo above was the entrance to our parking garage. Other photos, below,  show more of the damage

The fire caused a power outage to the local area, including Robinson Noble’s office. However, power was restored by the start of business this morning. While our landlord works out the parking situation, we send out a cheer for the Holiday Inn Express (across the street from our office) for kindly allowing us to temporarily park in a gravel lot they own next to the hotel.



And the Madness Ends

nothing left by a broken Frisbee by namestartswithj89 via FlickrAnd the basketball comes to its final rest for this round of March Madness (next to a broken Frisbee no less).

So sorry for the slow posting of the final results. We were so shocked by the final 30 seconds of play in the championship game that it took all day to recover. And how appropriate, a buzzer-beating shot to win the tournament! Exciting to the very end.

Congratulations to Villinova and to the winners of the Robinson Noble March Madness pool. The final rankings can be found here.

The top five in our pool (including Robinson Noble staff) were:

1 – Wow, Mylee moves up from 5th place yesterday to win the whole shebang. Got to love Mylee’s moves!

2 – and seemly out of nowhere, Kulchin Drilling finishs in 2nd. Ole Kulchin was in 7th place yesterday.

3 – and no one in their wildest dreams would have picked BGC to finish in 3rd overall place (from personal knowledge, I know BGC thinks basketball is played on a field with an oval shaped ball). BGC moved all the way up from 14th place.

4 – My Dog Picked This, after a commanding lead much of the tournament,  fell from 1st to 4th after his champion couldn’t quite finish it off (bet his dog didn’t see that coming!),

5 – and finally, in 5th place is bearbasket. Who’s that you say? Had this basket of bears been ever mentioned on the leader board before? No. Bearbasket moved all the way up from 24th place to finish in the top five. Amazing!

The prize winners for Robinson Noble clients, colleagues and friends are:

1st Place ($100) – Kulchin Drilling

2nd Place ($75) – Baller Bill

3rd Place ($65) – Amy Matsumoto

4th Place ($60) – Jason VG

5th Place ($50) – PB Libby

Highest Score after Round of 64 (that didn’t otherwise place) ($50) – Go dawgs

2nd Highest Score after Round of 64 (that didn’t otherwise place) ($25) – Ewali

Highest Score after Round of 32 (that didn’t otherwise place) ($50) – Tad Deshler

2nd Highest Score after Round of 32 (that didn’t otherwise place) ($25) – peter tiersma

Most Accumulated Upset Points (that didn’t otherwise place) ($50) – ikuno

2nd Most Accumulated Upset Points (that didn’t otherwise place) ($25) – Sazano

Highest Seed Total of all the Correctly Selected Teams in the Sweet Sixteen (that didn’t otherwise place) ($25) – Ed Anderson

For the Robinson Noble staff and family prizes, the winners are:

1st Place ($60) – Mylee

2nd Place ($40) – BGC

3rd Place ($30) – My Dog Picked This

Thanks for Trying (lowest score) ($20) – Barb G

And finally, we would like to once again thank this years sponsors.


ACFWest sized down logoLibby Environmental logo-JPEGMeadGilmanNewlogo1-2048x921CG Logo with PlanningAnd we’d like to thank namestartswithj98 for providing her photo under a Creative Commons license.

And only Two are Left Dancing

model basketball court by Chris Isherwood via Flickr

Well, the March Dance is almost over and only two teams are left standing. Here are the latest results of the Robinson Noble pool.

Here is our current leader board:

1 – My Dog Picked This  – All I can say is that if I had a dog picking for me like this, I’d be a rich man. With a commanding lead of 135 points over 2nd place with 121 points, My Dog Picked This is no dog.

2 – Baller Bill climbed from 5th place to a tie for 2nd, but without a team in the finals, Bill’s chances of staying in the money are slim indeed

2 – and it seems the our bracket master, Kevin Biersner, is joined at the hip with Baller Bill, as he also climbed from 5th to a tie for 2nd. Unfortunately, Kevin’s champion is also out of the running.

4 – new to the leader board, in 4th place, is Amy Matsumoto! Welcome Amy. Enjoy your stay, because your champion is also gone. Good run though!

5 – and finally, in 5th place (and with a real shot of winning the whole thing) is Mylee, who moved up from 8th place.

And how the mighty have fallen. Remember our friend Ted Deshler? Good ole Ted fell from 2nd place and is tied for 16th. And how about Skux Deluxe? The Skuxier was in 2nd place with Ted, and had been on the leader board a long time. Now, also tied for 16th place. Same story for Ewali, from a tie at 2nd to a tie at 16th.

The Robinson Noble leader board should look familiar because they are all over the overall leader board:

1 – My Dog Picked This 

2 –Kevin Biersner, and

3 –Mylee

And with one game left…. stay tuned!!!

A special thanks to our sponsors:WS_Logo_Red

ACFWest sized down logoLibby Environmental logo-JPEGMeadGilmanNewlogo1-2048x921CG Logo with PlanningWe’d like to thank Chris Isherwood for providing the photo of his photo under a Creative Commons license.