And March’s Dance Continues…

basketball kids by Larry Lamsa from FlickrSeems these young bball plays remembered the dance, but forgot the ball!

Here’s the latest results of our tournament contest: 2015 Master Results Mar 29 5pm

In the standings, Greg Guillen still has the lead. The Nottinghams, Alex and John, slid out of 2nd to 7th, replaced by BrianK, two points in back of the leader. And out of nowhere, literally, Larry Byrd has flown into 3rd place.

John H still leads the Robinson Noble pack and is 4th overall. Mr 3 has clawed into 2nd place (12th overall) and Emily Wills is 3rd (16th overall). While your humble narrator is truly humbled with a totally busted bracket, I guess there is always next year!

Photo by Larry Lamsa provided under Creative Commons license.

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Flying High!

flying high player by Aleksandr Osipov from FlickrGreg Guillen is sure flying high and currently leads our tournament with an impressive score of 102. But watch out, the Nottinghams, yes both Alex and John, are right behind with scores of 101. And remember Gail Langseth, she’s back in the hunt, also tied for 2nd with 101. BrainK is one back with 100 points (5th place). This is turning out to be one great tournament!

Here’s the latest update:2015 Master Results Mar 28 10pm

In the Robinson-Noble in-house contest, John H is still flying high in 1st place with 99 points (6th overall). Emily Wills is hanging on to 2nd (10th overall), and Brady Bunch to 3rd (18th overall). But watch out Mr. Brady, Mr. 3 is in 4th only one point behind! And what of your humble narrator, who was in 4th place yesterday in the RN contest? He is not flying high, or even low. Rather, he’s passed out on the floor. He miserably failed to pick either winner from yesterday’s games and dropped and dropped and dropped into 10th place (53rd overall)!

Photo by Aleksandr Osipov provided under Creative Commons license.

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Got to Love those Zags (especially if you having them winning the whole thing like I do)

Gonzaga by Chris Yunker from Flickr with CC license - croppedl sizeIs this their year? I, your humble reporter, also known as Son of a Zag in basketball circles, certainly hope it is. What a game last night against UCLA. Onward and upward Zags!

Here’s the results after Friday’s games: 2015 Master Results Mar 27 10pm

Another day, another leader! Greg Guillen jumped all the way from 8th to 1st with an impressive 94 points. Alex Nottingham, slipped from 1st to 2nd place, but is only one point behind Mr. G. Guillen. Emily Wills and Kathy K, yesterday tied for 2nd, dropped to 5th and 12th respectively (that has got to HURT!). Meanwhile, John H is continuing his slow and steady climb and is now in sole possession of 3rd place, a mere 3 points behind Mr. G. Hanging just behind, in 4th place, is John Bickford with 90 points. John must have loved last night because he is the top player with Gonzaga as his champion. And oh, do you remember Mirafi Guy, who held 1st place for so long – he is now in 12th.

John H also holds the lead in the Robinson Noble portion of the contest, with Emily Wills desperately hanging onto 2nd place. Brady Bunch remains in 3rd (14th overall) and your humblest of reporters in 4th (slipping to 20th overall – speaking of got to hurt!).

Photo by Chris Yunker provided by Creative Commons license. This photo has been cropped and the contrast changed from the original.

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Remember When Basketball Shorts were Short?

Houston Oilers by Jay Phagan from Flicrk with CC licenseRemember when basketball shorts were short and athletic socks were long? If you do, you must be as old as I am. What I don’t remember is football players donning those short shorts. This shot by Jay Phagan is of a charity game between the Houston Oilers football team and a group of local basketball coaches. Now, if you remember the Houston Oilers football team, you must me as old as I am…

Enough of that, here’s the latest standings: 2015 Master Results Mar 26 10pm

And in those standings, look at Alex Nottingham! Jumping all the way from 4th to 1st, while Emily Wills slides from 1st to 2nd. And what happened to KenLRation46? Formerly 2nd, poor old KenL dropped all the way to 8th (ouch!). Replacing him at 2nd place, and currently tied with Emily, is KathyK. I tell you, that girl has the moves, shooting all the way up from 7th place and now only 2 points behind the leader Alex! At this point, this is really anybody’s ballgame!

In the Robinson Noble in-house contest, Emily Wills is still holding on to first, but John H is making a run only 4 points behind (and in 6th overall). Brady Bunch slipped to 3rd and only one point behind John H (8th overall), and your humble narrator remains in 4th (15th overall) only 2 points behind the Bunch. What a race!

Photo provided with Creative Commons license.

Somebody’s Bracket is Doing Great!

smiling kid by Air21Express from FlickrSomebody’s pretty happy with their bracket; are you? Check out the latest standings right here: 2015 Master Results Mar 22 9 30pm

But you know who is not happy, Mirafi Guy, who is no longer in 1st place, replaced by the impeccable Emily Wills! (Enjoy the limelight Emily, I feel your reign at number one will not last since your champion is out of the tournament.) KenRation46 moved up from 3rd after Saturday’s games to 2nd after Sunday’s. Mirafi Guy has slipped to 3rd, and Alex Nottingham from 2nd to 4th. What a race!!!!

In the Robinson Noble in-house contest, Emily Wills rules all! Brady Bunch is in 2nd (8th overall) 13 pints behind the amazing Emily. John H has replaced Max Wills in 3rd place (13th overall), with Max failing to keep up the Wills name and falling to 5th (17th overall). And in 4th place in the Robinson Noble in-house contest is your humble narrator, Son of a Zag. Speaking of the Zags, did you see that game yesterday!

Photo by Air21Express provided by Creative Commons license.

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And the Leader Still is …

Here’s the results after Saturday’s games: 2015 Master Results Mar 21 9 30pm

Although Mirafi Guy is still in the lead, someone is finally giving him a run for the money – Alex Nottingham has sneaked up from 4th place to second and is only 6 points behind. And KentRation46 jumped all the way from 11th to 3rd! Good jumping Kent!! Meanwhile, Emily Wills has slipped to 7th and Gail Langseth dropped to 4th.

Emily’s 7th place is still good enough for lead the Robinson Noble participants. But Hope, who was in 2nd place amongst RN folks (and 11th overall) yesterday had a horrible day and dropped like the hottest of rocks to 13th (and 45th overall)! Max Wills is keeping the family name up there, now in 3rd (13th overall), but Brady Bunch has bounced into 2nd (11th overall).

And the Leader is….

After Friday’s games, Mirafi Guy continues to impress, leading the pack by 11 points. And Gail Langseth has regained 2nd place (impressive Gail!), tied now with Emily Wills (who also leads all Robinson Noble participants). Other Cats and Adam G, tied for 2nd place earlier yesterday, have fallen to 8th.

For the Robinson Noble crowd, the Wills family is kicking butt and taking names. Emily is in 1st, Hope is in 2nd, and Max is in 4th. And what of poor little Oliva? Well, she is not in last place, but let’s just say that she’s down the list a ways, way down.

You can see the standings yourself by downloading this file: 2015 Master Results Mar 20 10 05pm

Up to the Minute Results 3/20/15 4:32 pm

For those of you that cannot wait until tomorrow morning for today’s games to be finished, here’s an up-to-the-minute update of the standings:2015 Master Results Mar 20 4 32pm

In the overall standings, Mirafi Guy still has a commanding lead, with Other Cats and Adam G still tied for second. Poor Gail Langseth, who had been tied for 2nd, has dropped to 9th.

In the Robinson Noble in-house standings, BGC has fallen from 1st to 3rd (14th to 18th in the overall standings) and Emily Wills in now in 1st (12th overall). Unfortunately for Emily, she will not stay on top long – she is the only participant whose champion has already been knocked out. Sorry Emily!

More results tomorrow morning!

Take a Shot – Get your Bracket and Play!

Basketball hoop by Chilli Head from Flicker with CC license

5th Annual Robinson Noble NCAA Basketball Tournament Contest

More than $500 in Prizes

Well the Madness of March has started again. Join in the fun by submitting a bracket to Robinson Noble’s 5th annual tournament contest. It’s free to play. Simply fill in a bracket and send it to rpowell [at] or amckeag [at] If you didn’t receive a bracket in your email, you can download one here. Brackets are due no later than 8:00 AM, Thursday, March 19th. Late Entries will be accepted, however, you will not get credit for the games that have started when the entry was received. We’ll be updating the results right here on our blog.

We hope all our clients and friends can participate. However, if you are not allowed to receive prize money, please let us know your favorite charity and we will send your winnings to them instead!

A special thanks to our sponsors:WS_Logo_RedMeadGilman sized logo

ACFWest sized down logoTencate logo????????????????Please note that Robinson Noble employees and family members may also participate, but will compete for a separate, Company-sponsored prize.

We’d like to thank Chilli Head for providing the basketball hoop photo under a Creative Commons license.