The Story behind the Calendar Photos

The 2013 Robinson Noble calendars were mailed earlier this month. Hopefully, you received yours by now. If not, we understand that some are still in the process of being delivered. We also have a limited supply left available for purchase (contact me for details).

One of the special features of our calendar is that all the photos are supplied by me, who (when away from my job as president of Robinson Noble) am a professional photographer. And as the photographer for the calendar, I often get comments on the images we select for it each year. So I thought I’d tell you a bit more about the photos selected for 2013.

Diablo Lake Continue reading

Ecology’s Sediment Management Standards Rule Revision

Overview of the Process.

The dredging and cleanup of contaminated sediments in Northwestern waterways is important to the Northwest’s economy and in maintaining environmental integrity. In 1995, based in large measure on data developed for the dredging programs, Ecology developed the Sediment Management Standards (SMS; WAC 173-204) Rule to protect human health and the environment from potential impacts of contaminated sediments. The Rule was originally promulgated based on extensive research and regulatory guidance available for marine/estuarine sediments, but the body of knowledge for freshwater sediments has subsequently been developed as well and is being incorporated into the Rule, as originally intended. Continue reading