It’s Madness I Tell You!

7th Annual Robinson Noble NCAA Basketball Tournament Contest

$500 in Prizes

Well the Madness of March has started once again. Join in the fun by submitting a bracket to Robinson Noble’s 7th annual tournament contest. It’s free to play. Simply fill in a bracket and send it to Jeff at jwale [at] If you didn’t receive a bracket in your email, you can download one here. Brackets are due no later than 8:00 AM, Thursday, March 16th. Late Entries will be accepted, however, you will not get credit for the games that have started when the entry was received. We’ll be updating the results right here on our blog.

We hope all our clients and friends can participate. However, if you are not allowed to receive prize money, please let us know your favorite charity and we will send your winnings to them instead!

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by Your Best Digs.

The Semisweet 12 …

kids basketball by thatlostdog-- via Flickr

. . . or is it bittersweet? Either way, half of the teams have wrestled their way into the Sweet 16 with the other half to come tonight and tomorrow. Here are the current standings: March 24th results.

Of note: Tad Deshler and My Dog Picked This are still holding on to the top two spots, with Skux Deluxe dropping into third. Mylee climbed from 8th at the start of the week to tie with peter tiersma in 4th place. Tune in again tomorrow!

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We’d like to thank thatlostdog– for providing his photo under a Creative Commons license.

Ouch! That Hurts!

foul to the face by Heiko Kutzschmar via FlickrAfter that wild weekend of basketball, I’m feeling like I’ve been fouled in the face! I’m sure many of the teams that didn’t make the Sweet Sixteen feel the same way (in particular, Michigan State, as well as the many who picked them as their champions – ouch, that hurts!).

I, your humble narrator, have lots of results to share with you. Because, unlike me who relaxed over the weekend, our basketball tournament head master extraordinaire, Kevin Biersner, slaved all weekend long to update results. So, not only can I offer you, loyal reader, the results with the Sweet Sixteen, I give results after Friday’s and Saturday’s fantastical finishes as well.

If you want to skip right to the up-to-the-minute results, click here: March 21st results. But, if you want to see how the tournament evolved over the weekend, check out these links as well:March 19th results and March 20th results.

Here is our current leader board:

1 – Tad Deshler had a great weekend, climbing to first place with 85 points. But can he keep it going – might be tough since his champion is no longer in the running.

2 – My Dog Picked This continued to be a super hot dog, logging in at 2nd place with 82 points (moving up from a tie at 5th place last week).

2 – also tied for 2nd is the one and only Skux Deluxe. Speaking of good weekend, that old Skux climbed all the way from 18th place last week! (You’ve got to love old Skux who was brave enough to pick my alma mater, Texas A&M, as their champion!)

4 – peter tiersma, is showing his prognostication skills by moving up from 8th place last week to 4th with 78 points,  and

5 – in 5th place, by some miracle of the gods, is BGC with 75 points – amazing!

The Robinson Noble leader board should look familiar because they are all over the overall leader board:

1 – My Dog Picked This (I told you that was one hot dog!)

2 –Skux Deluxe, and

3 – the one and only, BGC

Other interesting results from weekend include:

Maximilian flamed up the charts from 28th place last Thursday all the way to 1st place after Friday’s games, slipping to 5th place after Saturday’s games. But how the mighty have fallen, old Max is currently now in 24th place and fading fast.

Remember Go Dawgs, our leader last week? Well, our dawg fancier is hanging in there, just off the leader board, in 6th place (but in the money as the three RN employees in the top five are not eligible).

And for those of you paying close attention to the Wills family saga, Max Wills has regained his spot at the top of the family in 14th place overall, Hope Wills has fallen from the family lead last week to 2nd and 41st place overall. But watch out Hope, Emily Wills is close behind in 43rd place. And adorable Oliva Wills, well she is looking good for the “thanks for trying prize”, tied for 77th place.

Stay tuned, more results later this week!

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Open House – Come on Down

RN open house merged photo 300Robinson Noble is having an open house at our new Tacoma office on May 15 from 3 to 6 pm. I’d like to send  you a person invitation, so please come on down for a visit and a tour  the new place. We will be serving food from the local Neighbor Bistro, beer from local breweries (not sure which ones yet, Jim and I will be doing sample tastings later today just to make sure we pick the correct brews – work can be so hard sometimes), Washington wines, and various soft drinks.

We are located at 2105 South C Street, just south of S 21st and two blocks up the hill from Pacific. The Holiday Inn is across C Street and UW Tacoma across 21st. It’s easy to find, the first downtown Tacoma off ramp from Interstate 705 exits onto 21st just a few blocks east of our office. Parking can be a bit tight in downtown Tacoma, so we’ve arranged with the Holiday Inn to open their gravel parking lot just to the south of the hotel on C Street.

Come on by and say hello!

Robinson Noble Moves “Uptown”

Last week, Robinson Noble moved our Tacoma office “uptown” by making the big jump to downtown. Our new address is: 2105 South C Street, Tacoma, WA 98402. The office is now in the Brewery District of downtown (perfect for a bunch of geologists), one of the up and coming areas of the city. (BTW, my reference to uptown should not be confused with University Place, also known as UP-town, which according to the Urban Slang Dictionary, is “short for University Place, a totally badass little city of about 45000 right to the South of Tacoma, Washington. It’s used somewhat ironically as ghetto slang, since UP is an affluent suburban community.” Our old office, on Huson Street, was only two blocks east of University Place. So indeed, we moved away from UP-town as well as moving uptown.)

Robinson Noble's new office prior to tenant improvements.

Robinson Noble’s new office on June 24th,  prior to building any tenant improvements.

In the 68-year history of the firm, this is the eighth Robinson Noble office in the Tacoma area. I personally have worked in five Through each of its moves, the company has moved progressively north and closer to the heart of Tacoma, finally now to be in the downtown.

The firm started in John Robinson’s basement in Lakewood (then unincorporated Pierce County), but after 25 years, in 1972,  John Noble, got tired of the basement life, asked for and was granted shareholder status in the firm, renamed the firm from Robinson & Roberts to Robinson & Noble, and promptly moved the company out of the basement to a small above-ground office near Robinson’s house.

Later, after a brief stay in yet another small Lakewood office, the company moved back into a basement in 1980. This one, a daylight basement, was finally in Tacoma, though just barely. It was located on Orchard Street, literally on the Tacoma side of the Tacoma-Lakewood boundary (so close to the boundary line, in fact, that we thought we were in Lakewood and didn’t pay Tacoma B&O taxes  – that is until a City tax auditor came a calling, but that is another story). This first Orchard Street office was the home of the company when I joined the firm in 1985. My memory of it was that it was dark and dank, and had awful green-colored carpet. The courtyard outside the office regularly flooded in the winter, and we were the savior of of the other tenants sharing the courtyard by pulling out our field pumps to clear remove Lake Noble (as us peons referred to it).

When the basement became too dank, and we needed a bit more room, John moved us upstairs in the same building. This new office provided a little more space and a lot more natural light. The space only lasted several years, and in 1997, we moved about three blocks further north into Tacoma, though still on Orchard Street. This 3rd Orchard Street office included an entire small office building that, I think, was designed for dental or medical offices. Important to us was the storage space downstairs for files, field equipment, and our small soils and water lab.

After Robinson Noble purchased Saltbush Environmental in 2003, we gained not only new staff but new equipment, and the office on Orchard Street was too small. We looked for a new place with a combination of office and warehouse space. We settled on our former office on Huson Street, several miles further north but only one block off Orchard Street. We designed the interior layout ourselves, which proved that we are not architects.

The Huson office was our home for 10 years and served us well. But earlier this year when we approached the end of the lease, we looked for someplace new. Horizon Partners offered us the third floor of the historic J.E. Aubry Wagons Building and a storage/lab space across the street. Though not much to look at from the outside, I loved the brick walls and wooden beamed ceiling. Besides, I’m a sucker for old buildings. I live in a north Tacoma house built in 1909. Our “new” office building was built in 1905.

After much interior planning (which we did not do ourselves this time) and even longer lease negotiations, we moved the weekend after Thanksgiving and officially took up residence on December 1st.

Robinson Noble's office on December 9th following our move over Thanksgiving.

Robinson Noble’s office on December 9th following our move over Thanksgiving.

If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hello. We are across C Street from the Holiday Inn Express, and the Harmon Brewery and UW-Tacoma are to our north across 21st Street. All our other contact information (phone, fax, emails, website, and blog) are unchanged. We will be  hosting an open  house in the new space next May; keep posted for details.