Certified Water Rights Examiners Program Is Now Active

South Puget Sound diversion dam (Photo credit: Burt Clothier)

South Puget Sound diversion dam                     (Photo credit: Burt Clothier)

Back in February, we posted about the Washington State Department of Ecology’s upcoming Certified Water Rights Examiner (CWRE) program. Designed to help water rights holders streamline the process of moving a water right permit to certificate status, the program is now active. Following the initial round of examinations in late May and early June, Ecology has published a list of certified examiners here.

Robinson Noble has two CWREs on staff: Burt Clothier, LHG, in our Tacoma office and Max Wills, LHG, in our Woodinville office. Our services now support water users through all phases of the water rights process from application, source development, and mitigation analysis through permit approval and proof of appropriation certification by a CWRE.

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      • When I worked as a Fisheries Biologist for the Pierce Conservation District I walked every stream in WRIA’s 10, 11, 12, and 15 (the portions in Pierce County). I catalogued every fish migration barrier in these watersheds, and removed many of these with grant projects to restore salmon habitat. For example, upstream from this on Clover Creek I removed the “Zarelli Dam” and replaced it with a fish weir. Identifying levees would be more difficult…a rock bar looks like most any other rock bar!

  1. Marc, I feel I am following in your footsteps. I am a Parkland resident and business owner, very interested in the quality of life here in Parkland. My kids and I have navigated part of the stream from the spring down to Pacific Ave. We have eye-witnessed many interesting things and have used your 2003 report as a guide and inspiration. We are not done. Can you tell me the status of any of the recommendations that were made on that report?

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