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Lets dive right in!

What a fintastic first day! I bet this guy is doing back flips because his bracket performed swimmingly! You can download the full results here.

1st place: Ken Neal is swimming in front with 28 points.

2nd place (tie): Because It’s Going to Rain! and Carl Spackler are “tide” with 20 points.

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place (tie): Ramona Pittsenbarger and drewemeister sealed the deal with 24 points.

2nd place: Brayden Pittsenbarger is “dolphinitely” still in the race with 19 points.

Stay tuned! We will see who is the leader of the pod after the next round!

A special thanks to our sponsor:

Photo provided via Creative Commons license by abdallahh.

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