Lets dive right in!

What a fintastic first day! I bet this guy is doing back flips because his bracket performed swimmingly! You can download the full results here.

1st place: Ken Neal is swimming in front with 28 points.

2nd place (tie): Because It’s Going to Rain! and Carl Spackler are “tide” with 20 points.

In the Robinson Noble staff and family division, the leaders are:

1st place (tie): Ramona Pittsenbarger and drewemeister sealed the deal with 24 points.

2nd place: Brayden Pittsenbarger is “dolphinitely” still in the race with 19 points.

Stay tuned! We will see who is the leader of the pod after the next round!

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by abdallahh.

March Madness has begun!

8th Annual Robinson Noble NCAA Basketball Tournament Contest

$500 in Prizes

March Madness has started once again! Come join the fun by submitting a bracket to Robinson Noble’s 8th annual tournament contest. It is free to play. Simply fill in a bracket and send it to Drewe at dwarnock@robinson-noble.com. If you did not receive a bracket in your email, you can download one here. Please return your brackets by 8:00 AM, Thursday, March 15th.

We hope everybody can participate. If you are not allowed to receive prize money, please let us know your favorite charity and we will send your winnings to them instead!

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Photo provided via Creative Commons license by Karl Baron.